Album artwork for Deeper/Turnaround Remixes

Deeper/Turnaround Remixes Stereo Mc's; Terranova

Release date: May 6, 2016
Cat No: Connected 005 D
Barcode: 880319773815
Deeper - Riva Starr Remix -Riva Starr—Napoli born , east London based cross pollinates styles like a honey bee.Releasing on Dirty Bird to Hot Creations and founder of his own imprint, Snatch and a world renowned dj/producer. Here he brings an EXCITING PROPULSIVE peak set locomotive ramping up the original version. Deeper- Easy To Remember Remix- EASY to remember - after high scores with their lullaby release on rebirth, ETR come with a RAGING SEA of GRITTY CRUNCHY TECHNO with hints of depth charge. Turnaround- Haiku 575 Remix- HAIKU 575—originally a pattern in Japanese poetry, they bring poetry to music remixing turnaround like HYPNOSIS IN ELECTRONICA ,undulating rythms and super sonics. Turnaround- Alican Remix- Alican Born in Istanbul’s thriving electronica scene , Alican brings an INTENSE TECH HOUSE CRAWLER on his remix of turnaround. Deeper- Grant Dell Remix- Grant Dell—an early tech house pioneer and Clink street veteran, Grant delivers a groove BURROWING DEEP LIKE AN INSECT that TRANSFORMS INTO SUB bass RIDER.

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