Album artwork for Deflection of Realness

Deflection of Realness Virgile

Release date: November 11, 2022
Cat No: UGD-005C
Barcode: 4250101449338
10,20 €
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Hailing from Marseille, France, Virgile is a classically trained sound artist with an uprooted soul. Drawing equal parts from the French Alps’s unshakeable force of nature and feeding from the extravagant madness of Marseille, Released on Berlin-based experimental label Unguarded, Virgile’s first full-length EP ‘Deflection of Realness’ reveals a radiant soul at its most vulnerable and absorbing; playing with our perception of reality, while questioning the depth of our emotions.

This new release marks a lush descent into an organic void. Anchored by passionate nods to both rough field-recording techniques and genre-bending compositions, Virgile’s soundscapes are imbued with the resounding brutality of existence; inviting us to reflect on our bonds with this world.

Over the course of the 6 tracks that make up the EP, its soundscapes surge and ebb, eviscerate and mend, evoking scenes in motion held in suspension. Deliberately ambiguous, Virgile's compositions embody the psychic bruising of numeric isolation, with ambitions to transmute heavy feelings into an oneiric mirage. Intimacy meets the external, interlacing the invisible web between every personal cataclysm. Without a doubt, Virgile's personal history, drawing from the bursting of structures and places, allows him to take his place alongside the nomadic spirits of our time."

“Deflection of Realness” will be released on 04.11. via Berlin label Unguarded both digitally as well as a tape edition featuring artwork by long-time friend and collaborator Nino Mombrun.

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