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Deliberate JP Castro



Release date: November 18, 2022
Cat No: D.O.C. 038
Barcode: 4250101451249
Digital Single
D.O.C. 038
Brazil is a land known for its cultural variety and effervescent sound mixes. And it is this DNA JP Castro brings to his work. His compositions are a true mix'n'match of the most diverse musical references, in addition to his inspirations such as U2, Depeche Mode, and New Order are among them.

Early on, at the age of 11, João Pedro Castro was already taking his first steps studying and practicing piano, guitar, guitar, bass, and drums. At 18 with Eps and tracks released by Sony Music, he was already sharing stages with names like Alok, Chicane, Gabriel & Dresden, and reached more than 1 million streams with the remix “Vamos Fugir”, by classic MPB legend Gilberto Gil.

In 2021, during the Covid-19 pandemic, he found a different way of bringing music to people: he recorded a set in Vale do Catimbau, a northern region of Brazil known for its amid rocks and arid vegetation. In the same year, he spent time expanding his musical journey in Miami and New York.

Back in São Paulo, JP Castro took a sabbatical period to reinvent himself and started to experiment with new sounds. Now, in a moment of a fresh start, DOC Records is proud to announce JP Castro's massive 3-track EP new release “Deliberate” which immediately caught the attention of our Label boss Gui Boratto.

Deliberate EP delivers 3 perfectly crafted tunes: 2 original tracks, and one extended version, all beautifully created to guarantee joy to dancefloors across the globe.

Track 1: Tap Tempo The track is the origin of the EP. Beats and melodies produced with deep perception using Sequential Prophet 6 and Roland Juno 106.

Track 2: Deliberate It is kind of a sequence for Tap Tempo, as JP says, “they talk to each other”. A real-life inspiration on the north coast of Brazil translated with passion, and creativity using Moog Subsequent 37 and Sequential Prophet 6

Track 3: “Deliberate (Extended Version)”: A very special dense edit with aggressive melodies, more instrumental with malicious bass lines, synths, piano, and drum kicks. Crafted to perfection with a unique combination of elements of a dance floor knockout.

Deliberate is almost like a time machine EP, that will surely make you travel into the future or the past with joyful beats and melodies ensuring a solid experience in the heavens of electronic music.

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