Album artwork for Delta Ophiuchi

Delta Ophiuchi Tibor Kocsis



Cat No: 030EP021
Barcode: 4250101442148
11,20 €
  • 62013dfd3b12a
  • release
Tibor Kocsis doesn't take a minute to introduce himself on his first EP for 030303 records; he presents himself with a slap in your face from the very first second. Title track Delta Ophiuchi is heavy duty dancefloor material... reminiscing of the very best of K Alexi Shelby's early works, just a little more focused and to the point maybe - an instant rush and an instant classic! Second track Nekorb is a little sweeter and more for the after hours. The remaining 3 tracks keep that same flow; a wonderful blend of Chicago, psychedelic British acid house and electronic minimal wave.

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