Album artwork for Demiurge

Demiurge My Flower

Release date: November 4, 2016
Cat No: STR014
Barcode: 880319839016
Digital Single
London label Stem Records welcomes a hot duo in My Flower for a new EP.

The Italians serve up two sizzling cuts that keep up the label’s fine release tradition since 2012, whilst remixes come from Mohr and Denise Rabe.

My Flower, an Italian duo who makes music that represents their souls. Their sophomore release on Stem demonstrates the evolution of their sound and really impress.

Demiurge is first and is a spine tingling tech cut with rippling synths rolling over the top of flappy drums. It is one to make a big impact in the middle of a peak time set. Haagenti then stretches out over seven mutes with more dangling, suspenseful chords hanging over firmly rooted drums. There is spookiness in the mood overall and again it is a truly moving cut.

The Mohr remix of it is more punchy and house in style, with chilly pads and crunch claps deriving it along, whilst Denise Rabe flips it into a corrugated and hard hitting techno banger full of distortion and dystopia.

Overall, a fine EP once more from all involved, set for release 4th November 2016

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