Album artwork for Desert Karavan EP

Desert Karavan EP Literatura

Release date: November 27, 2020
Cat No: Connected 069 D
Barcode: 4250101422416
Far away, somewhere on the other side of the planet called connected the Karavan is going through the desert. People are thinking about their next stop, hoping that it would be soon because they are already tired. Dreams are more powerful than physical strength. The courage is everywhere... The Karavan is going...And finally when night fell and the stars showed their light, an oasis appeared on the horizon. The night was not entirely quiet, people preferred to have fun and dance, patting each other on the shoulder and singing «Night in the Oasis». Unexpectedly, at night two more people joined the Karavan. The strangers added a certain charm. And in the morning, the Karavan went with renewed vigour and with a different, groovy mood. This story is not only about the Karavan, but also about how music is connecting people . 1.Desert Karavan -With bending basslines and jaunty beats wrestling with acid synths and staccato vocal chops, we simmer up to a drop that peers out into an oasis of suspended strings and flutes. This tune lightens the heart. 2.Desert Karavan (Elfenberg Remix) - Elfenberg step in to remix the same track with a polished steel giant of sequencers , drones and reflected light , a spartan minimal off beat affair also utilising the acid vibes as the arpeggios swell and shrink , punctuated by occasional bass drops and percussive splinters, the vocals eq’ed into slipstream. 3. Night In The Oasis - is all about a bouncing echoing bass perfectly married to a driving groove. Rising synth chords , dub sonars and clanky percussion lead the way forward to a break where a pulsing synth and an abstract vocal tune take over.The drop is a waterfall of deep bass strings and cascading toy piano notes until the ride starts bouncing again. A weird and beautiful sort of funk.

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