Album artwork for Sweet Florence

Sweet Florence Jacob F. Desvarieux

Release date: April 14, 2017
Cat No: Endless Flight 77
Barcode: 880319853111
Sold Out
we are very much excited to support this re-issue, credited by jacob f. desvarieux, a composer and also well known as the guitarist of kassav - the only-one band which continually embodies the word ”zouk" for last few decades.

a1 is the tune showing us psychedelic guitar phrases fused together with wobbling heavy synthesizer. you’d better hurry to get the copy for this song, since this is just simply a killer. besides it, a2 is also a tropical danceable tune with moving bass and impressive vocoder chorus, makes everyone literally "emotional" on the floor.

kuniyuki joins with more deep spacey re-edit on the b side, probably we need few words to describe this man in our bio because of his right craftsmanship. following re-issue could be expected from us in near future. grab one and find yourself in caribbean exotica!

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