Release date: November 8, 2019
Cat No: MOCD012
Barcode: 4250101411069
Following up an array of functional club tools, 'made of CONCRETE' invite Linearis to offer up a pack of versatile and idiosyncratic tracks, while dub techno producer El Choop returns on remix duties.

Exploring the outer fringes of the 4/4 realm, 'Differences' delves into unexpected sound territories without losing touch with ground zero. Sub-heavy drums mix with cinematic pads and raw breaks on 'LDB', the genre-bending opener, while 'Trim FX' takes it back to the dancefloor with a highly energetic yet fluid, progressive cut. 'Slow Fade' explores a more melancholic side of techno, with its stripped back atmosphere and echoing dubs. El Choop gives the track a distinguishing treatment, amping up the atmospherics into a resonant, raw number.

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