Album artwork for Dingers EP

Dingers EP Will Hofbauer

Release date: May 17, 2024
Cat No: OMDD 057
Barcode: 4250101469459
Digital Single
OMDD 057
Optimo Music loves a bit of serendipity. We had been really digging all of 2023’s releases by Will Hofbauer, which ticked all our boxes, when an email dropped into JD Twitch’s in-box asking if we’d be interested in releasing some of his tracks. Would we ever! Thus we are delighted to present 3 tracks of outer space bass dub, designed for advanced danceflloors. We asked Will to tell us a bit about the tracks – These three tracks right here are just a couple of Dingers!! They’re a bit different from my usual fare, so I’m super super happy for them to have found un espacio en Optimo! The first one, Diiing, was just a fun experiment with some funny vocals and faster drums. As for the other two, if Leech is a big old slug crawling through a damp cave, then Can Dub is a fun little skip through the woods. The enormous reach of dub’s influence is clearly running through all three of these, in my opinion, but defo in the last two :) Overall, I just feel like I’m a massive fan who is lucky enough to have a crack at making and putting out stuff really. I’m super chuffed to be writing this little quote about this release! If you’ve read this far, I hope you enjoy the music!!

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