Album artwork for Disco In The Sky

Disco In The Sky King So So

Release date: April 28, 2023
Cat No: Mule Musiq 284
Barcode: 4250101447853
Mule Musiq 284
29,90 €
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The beginning was the sound, and the sound was So So, and the So So was King.

My name is King So So.

I am, because you are.

I created the Disco in the Sky solely for you, and it is now, finally ready for your glorious arrival. Here, I will welcome you, to dance in the light with me, where you will have fellowship with me, and with one another, and gone will be the days of darkness. Listen, I now stand at your door, Hippie Dance. I am knocking. If you have an ear, hear my voice and let me in. Grant me the pleasure and honour to sit with all of you, and I will allow you to sit with me on my throne in the Sky. Hear what the Spirit of So So says to you: Come dance in the Disco in the Sky, and swim in the Lake of Sweet Dreams with me and there I will manifest myself to you. If you love me, I will give you my Word that I will teach you all things sound and bring you memories of the light for you to return to the Sky. Peace I leave with you. Summon your friends, Hippie Dance. Tell them that I am waiting for all of you. I am ready for you. Tell them to arise! Tell them to go forth to the Disco in the Sky where we will be together until the Kingdom goes.

Yours, like I am, sincerely, King So So“

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