Album artwork for Dissolve

Dissolve Rari

Release date: November 24, 2023
Cat No: URR 009
Barcode: 4250101461187
Digital Single
URR 009
Joining up the ranks of Unreel with his maiden contribution, here comes Belgium-based on-the-rise producer, Rari. Scheduled for release on November 24, his debut EP for us, 'Dissolve', makes for the ideal port of entry into Rari's shape-shifting musical persona and the maze of in-fluences that innervates his productions; nimbly running the gamut from electronica to breaks, via ambient, kosmische and more prog techno-oriented digressions, it models its own alphabet at the fringes of euphorising dance music and support material for a thorough soul-searching sesh.

Just as its cover art lifts the veil on the cruel paradox that serves as a driving force behind the music, the ambiguousness of our world and our passive-aggressive role into it, Rari's sonic explorations evoke nostalgia but do not content themselves with going for an impactless ride down memory lane, instead pushing to revisit our contradictions and move ahead with our chins up. The opening track rushes us headlong into that troubled pool of sentiments Rari draws his inspiration from. A direct uppercut at our ego-driven society and its sedated lieuten-ants, 'Ego Death' conjures up mental images of AI-generated solitude and classic electronica soundscapes and injects it with a rugged EBM-ish tech hand, poignantly converging into a third-part climax that swashes onto us with overwhelming emotional weight.

Attesting to Rari's trademark blending of soul-healing currents and doomed riptides, 'IFT' thrusts across the grain with panache and a sense of heart-rending honesty, slashing its way across multiple curtains of cascading arps and trance-informed synthlines to home it in. 'Steady State' is definitely more out-there hybrid techno and house, but infused with Rari's palette of ambivalent nuances, it expands into a monster peak-time chugger, ready to blast its tinted message across the rooms to enslaving effect. Wrapping up the package, 'Boy' sees Rari go full-psychoactive-Italo mode on a post PC-music pop tip, its racing groove taking us on a demented drive from Moroder avenue onto Trancey-ville, as a good heir of his country's party-focussed legacy. Sensory flooding to the four winds.

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