Album artwork for Distant Memories EP

Distant Memories EP Andy Slaker



Cat No: ADIG18
Barcode: 880319570612
for adig18 we are happy to present you with andy Slaker's "distant memories" ep. andy caught our eye With his awesome remix of eda's "love worn" that came out late 2011 on unpleased records. we Immediately asked him for some tunes for adjunct. first He started off with the floor shaker "c'est pas de ma Faute" for the latest adjunct compilation "for every moment of triumph: volume two". then he sent us this shinning ep and we ºre more then happy to get it Out to you! on this ep andy absolutely takes control of the dance floor the second these tracks are laid to rest On any system. as if the two originals "bakongo" and "mendinka" weren't enough, we have wonderful miro Pajic and dynamic deepchild giving you another Feeling and another way to listen and stick the tunes at Hand! the joy juice that squirts from this ep will forever cherish your living minds with joyful sounds and even Juicier beats! enjoy our dear friends!

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