Album artwork for Distorted Youth EP

Distorted Youth EP Innellea

Cat No: AL061
Barcode: 4250101442209
11,20 €
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Rising star Innellea demonstrates his prowess with four diverse, powerful cuts. In a short time Innellea has made a significant impact. His production is inventive and progressive, gracing dance floors with emotional depth, considered arrangement and pumping rhythms. His debut EP opens with ‘Confronted Reality’, which is driven by an oscillating low end, complemented by an emotive melody and a huge riff - tinged with drama throughout. Next up it’s the title track, a morose cut that utilises breakbeat-esque rhythms, piano keys and warped vocals. On the flip The Loss Of Hope’ features beautifully composed, trance-esque layers drift over a driving rhythm - lifting spirits and invoking the Heaven within. Finally, ‘Irreversible’ takes us into the darkness, with spinetingling melodies and hard-hitting drums ...

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