Docteur Satan Docteur Satan

Release date: May 18, 2015
Cat No: Cliche 061
Barcode: 880319704512
9,46 €
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we Are proud to present the debut ep from docteur satan, a new project by i'm a cliche's own crackboy, aka krikor.†docteur satan's speciality resides in injecting a lethal dose of horror to the dancefloor through the lens of new beat, belgium's own slow burning and utterly decadent sound.

entity (a throbbing groove, ecstatic vowels, elegant rave stabs and an unsettling vocal sample. there's something scary going on the dancefloor and the presence of a malevolent entity conjured by the evil docteur will undeniably be felt by all on the floor.

(666) 361-6794 filtered juno hoovers, a pounding drum machine groove and a vocal hook with the lowest possible ph. stripped down yet irresistible, this is a relentless track for dilated pupils and clenched jaws. jesus ain't the only one who loves the acid, docteur satan loves it too and he sure knows how to make it bigger, bolder, rougher and tougher than the man upstairs.

entity (red axes remix) the israeli duo's remix of entity takes the rhythmic elements of the original track up a notch and the result is a track engineered for dance floor efficiency. with moments of tense build-up and delightful release, mind-altering sounds gradually make an appearance along with a functional bass line. add a cuica from hell and you've got yourself a fine slice of demonic carnival music.

the operator clocking around 100bpm, this track is built on thumping drum beats, candid hooks and vocal samples of a whoring persuasion that certainly aren't cute. add a hypnotic and understated acid-not acid bassline and you've got a bona fide 21st century new beat anthem perfect for all your satanic ritual dancefloor needs.

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