Release date: May 10, 2010
Barcode: 804297998824
6,50 €
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When Ghostly International spawned the Spectral Sound imprint nearly a decade ago, Sam Valenti and Matthew Dear conceived the label as the dark, dancefloor-oriented alter-ego of Ghostly_s eclectic, albumbased sound-a home for, as Matthew Dear calls it, “body music for the mind.” Now run by Spectral producer/DJ Ryan Elliott alongside co-founder Dear, the label has solidified its image as Ghostly_s leaner, meaner brother. Which brings us to the Elliott-curated Document compilation: “It_s a calling card,” the Detroit-bred Berliner explains, “a battle flag carried into a new decade.” Document, in other words, is the ultimate Spectral Sound manifesto. Document mingles Spectral_s old guard (Audion, Hieroglyphic Being, James T. Cotton) with the new blood (Kate Simko, Seth Troxler, Lee Curtiss) and a few artists who straddle both worlds (Lawrence, Bodycode). An overall aesthetic is hard to describe, but the Spectral vision lurks in the music_s details: the way the bassline ricochets between the crackling snares of Lawrence_s “Divided (Kassem Mosse Remix)” like a pinball; the skyline-spanning groove of Ryan Crosson_s “Don_t Look Further”; and the thoughtful organ that hums below the record-closing “She Only Looks at You” by newcomer Gadi Mizrahi. Document captures Spectral Sound circa 2010, at a peak in the label_s almost decade-long evolution. And although Spectral Sound_s sonic footprint is forever in flux, its mission has been the same since day one: “We want to provide uncompromising, forward-thinking, dancefloor-oriented music that_s relevant and cutting-edge on a global scale,” Elliott says, “but that also reflects our Midwestern roots.” As a compilation of all things Spectral, Document does just that.

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