Album artwork for Dodo EP

Dodo EP Ian Ludvig

Release date: April 16, 2021
Cat No: Connected 076
Barcode: 4250101426421
Digital Single
Connected 076
For his second release on connected Ian Ludvig who has been forefront in the afro house charts for the last few years with releases on Radiant , MoBlack , and Wired teams up this time with IddAziz,no stranger to connected and a firm favourite , this time bringing the heat with the Dodo dance , a style of dance from the Luo community in Kenya announcing their arrival and an invitation to celebrate.DodoA striding powerful groove opens the atmosphere with sustained bass pads. Idd Aziz sprinkles and stabs and dances across the rhythm with unmistakable energy. Marimba signatures and key changes take the suspense to different levels as the ride drops and picks up , constantly shaking with hypnotic tom patterns and Idd’s provocative and enticing vocal depths.NatureA pumping bass like talking drum straddles a solid percussive drum track and this tune is ready to go places. With haunting drops and shimmering atmospheric vocal refrains, we go from sea level to cloud level joined by an angular bass stab that becomes part of the picture. Flutes and bongos appear and re-appear and the track suggests pictures of forgotten landscapes and tropical jungles by its natural feeling.

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