Album artwork for Dolphin Dream

Dolphin Dream Shubostar

Release date: March 31, 2023
Cat No: Playrjc 091
Barcode: 4250101455162
Digital Single
Playrjc 091
Space – the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Shubostar starship. Her mission: To explore strange new music worlds. To seek out new beats and new melodies. To boldly go where no woman or man has gone before.

Remember those words from Star Trek? They do fit quite well for our latest signing, South Korea born Shubostar who presents her »Live At Robert Johnson« debut »Dolphin Dream«. Wait … did we just say dolphin? Well … who knows if there aren't dolphins in space too …

Let's begin with »Queen Millennia«, a melancholic but somehow hopeful piece of new cosmic disco music - a name which suits Shubostar's style of music quite good. She's using disco music as a basis, adding sprinkles of »cosmic sounds« plus a little touch of techno and thus creates her own soundscapes indeed rooted deep in space.

»Dolphin Dream« is up next and suddenly we're not deep in space but deep in the ocean with synthesizer arpeggios all over the place. But this dolphin's dream sounds a bit like as if he's following a starship that dove into the ice cold waters of the Atlantic on its search for Atlantis - beautiful!

»Siestar« is far from sounding like a siesta. It's a highly positive and uplifting tune which will put a big smile on everybody's face for sure when played out loud to an up and down jumping crowd in a club anywhere. It's vibrant, it's lively, it's fast, it has star qualities!

Shubostar changes the beat and the pace a bit for her last track »Éternité«. The tune sounds like a theme song of an 80ies science fiction movie situated in the Paris of 2099. Imagine a foggy and wet November evening with our leading actress, cigarette in her mouth, walking down an old but totally modernized boulevard ablaze with neon lights and you might get close to the feel of this wonderful tune. And aren't lyrics sung in French not just great? Mais oui, bien sûr!

Make sure you check out Shubostar's own label »uju Records« too.

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