Album artwork for Don´t Look Back

Don´t Look Back Robert Babicz



Release date: February 25, 2008
Cat No: K2 31
Barcode: 880319034312
K2 31
8,20 €
Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Robert Babicz is a remarkable person. His discography is approximately as long as the Mississippi between Meeman Shaelby State Park and Memphis City. Where as others start repeating themselves or just lose it completely Robert Babicz continuosly manages to excite and surprise us. Cheers to that! With his second coming on K2 after „Mr Head“ he reconnnects to the housier path he started there 2 years ago. In comparison to the musculous, techy works for Systematic Babicz is aiming for a more discoish, warm and groovy approach. Both tracks are perfect springtime tracks, so just tuck this 12“ away for a moment. This winter is almost done with!
Beide Tracks sind perfekt für den Sommer. Also packt die Platte erstmal zur Seite. Aber dann...

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