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Dream Observer EP

Release date: June 15, 2018
Cat No: Echo Echo 001
Barcode: 880319930218
8,48 €
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  • release
Mid June will see the launch of Echocord sub-label Echo Echo with the ‘Dream Observer’ EP from Grad_u. Copenhagen’s Echocord is a Dub Techno imprint with a history dating back fifteen years and a back catalogue featuring material from genre defining artists like Deepchord, Fluxion, Sven Weisemann, Pole and grad_u who launches the new off shoot imprint Echo

The release opens with ‘Jacob’s Dream’, fifteen minutes of release date: subtly modulating synth glitches, ethereal synth drones, sweeping atmospherics and dubby echoes creating a hypnotic, ever-unfolding composition.

‘Observing The Night Sky’ then follows on the flip side with thunderous kick drums, rumbling low-end pulses, wandering dub chords and bubbling glitches all subtly nuanced throughout the tracks ten-minute duration.

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