Album artwork for Drone

Drone Hiago Pauli



Release date: May 24, 2019
Cat No: D.O.C. 029
Barcode: 4250101403002
Digital Single
D.O.C. 029
Brazil born and Brasilia based Hiago Pauli debuts to his new home. DOC Records welcomes Hiago Pauli for a powerful EP entitled ‘Drone’. His remarkable production skills and melodic tracks are his trademark. This 2-track EP is a dark techno soundtrack affair with intense and introspective sounds. Synthesizers in search of melodies stamped with melancholy - a serious work with unique energy level. ‘Ascensão’ (portuguese for ‘Rise’) kicks in with seven minutes of marvellous synths and melodies that will carry you into space drama. ‘Drone’ is aggressive. Drums and synths taking off to the darker side of techno. Sudden drops with powerful kicks that create an authentic imprint, may it be for the underground clubs or electronic festivals. Composer, scholar and musician since 11 years old, Hiago played in different bands from indie rock to metal. He is also fond of names such as Hans Zimmer, John Paesano, Ludovico Einaudi and Tycho – just to name a few. Some years ago after taking some production courses Hiago set aside all parallel projects and concentrated all his talent to the electronic universe. Building a solid career Hiago Pauli’s live performances, recent work and this new release are proofs of a firm and exciting career. 
Dramatic synths and melancholic sounds. This depth charged EP masterpiece surely will get inside your mind. Punishing and caressing the techno heads of tomorrow!

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