Album artwork for Duality Pt. 1

Duality Pt. 1 Vince Watson

Release date: November 3, 2008
Cat No: Mule Electronic 052
Barcode: 880319323010
Mule Electronic 052
11,20 €
This is a debut release of scotland based producer "Vince Watson" on Mule electronic . He has released from Planet E, Delsin, F Communication, Ibadan and name a few and well known as one of the popular Detroit follower artist. A side "Dualism" is hypnotic and emotional true techno music. Probably this is the most classical techno stuff on Mule. The B side "Ghost In The Machine" is a percussive uplifting tech house track. For the fun of Derrick May. Very playful. Duality pt 2 will be released in the next spring. Hyper link
Vince Watson haut hier zwei klassische Detroit-Techno Tracks mit Überlänge raus. Perkussiv & hypnotisch.

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