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End Of Times The Golden Filter

Release date: November 10, 2017
Cat No: OM 40
Barcode: 880319887314
Sold Out
Optimo Music is delighted to continue its fruitful relationship with The Golden Filter with the release of this fantastic 4-track 12” EP.

We always prefer our artists to speak for themselves and avoid bullshit PR hype so here is what they have to say about this EP -

We’re quite agnostic, and unreligious, but if there is any vibes associated with the EP (and maybe all of our music) it is very Buddhist in its ideas. Mindful. Aware of impermanence.

The whole EP is about being with the one(s) you love when everything else around you breaks down. Looking inward, with pure love, in the hope to radiate outward, rather than pushing for a fight, or running away. Recorded, written, and produced in isolation by Stephen and Penelope on our own in East London Studio space.

The EP starts with the song “End Of Times” which is a dramatic, Shangri-Las influenced take on feeling powerless in a chaotic world, but still high on love. Happiness can be found in analog reverb. This is followed by “Serenity”, a hard and tranquil meditation of past + future.

Side 2 leads with “Heart Control”, with a slight nod to Pink Floyd. A nine minute plea to ourselves to keep it all focused and under control… The EP closes with “Darkness Falls”. The lyrics for this came from an apocalyptic dream that Penelope had, and wrote down in the morning. the music is 100% purely modular, er, except for the tiny bits of guitar at the end.

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