Album artwork for Dubrutsche EP

Dubrutsche EP Markus Homm & Benny Grauer

Release date: June 22, 2018
Cat No: Adub035
Barcode: 880319948718
8,70 €
Melodic echoes drift through the stereo panorama like ice cubes orbiting through the hi-proof universe of a milky cocktail. Between them stretches the intricate tick-tock of a liquified clockwork. Markus Homm and Benny Grauer sculpt their compelling grooves from the hard, repetitive substance of Techno - but eventually their productions have a round, organic elegance that is reminiscent of mushrooms sprouting amidst the sparkling dew of a early morning meadow. The perfect sound for this listening experience comes from a 10” vinyl, whereas the digital counterpart of the EP comes with an exclusive third title.

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