Album artwork for Duesterfoerde

Duesterfoerde Dolph

Release date: January 11, 2019
Cat No: Acker 062
Barcode: 4250101401671
Digital Single
Acker 062
Dolph takes us on a joyride under the wide musical horizon that is so typical for him, using an ambling groove and the power of musical warmth as a means of propulsion. In his track Into he sends a colorful carpet of harmonic fragments drifting on the subtle flow of the rhythm, arranging and rearranging on the soft undulations of the bass like a kaleidoscopic narrative. It comes with two remixes, each picking up one of the two prevailing moods of this title: Lukas Endhardt puts a focus on the dreamy aspects, creating an idyllic Downbeat version. Toni Haupt on the other hand aims at the dancefloor and accordingly provides a solid dose of boost and pressure. Then there's the programmatic title Constant Change that keeps morphing into ever new shapes and atmospheres, making it a very stimulating affair on all different levels of the production.

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