Album artwork for Dust

Dust Schlepp Geist

Release date: September 13, 2019
Cat No: Tille004
Barcode: 4250101408038
Schlepp Geist has been invigorating Leipzig's scene and sound for quite a while now and with certainty will do even more so with this upcoming, vigorous EP on Distillery Records. He shaped up the opening and lead track "Dust" with so much potential, that he just had to carve out two versions, serving slightly different fields of application. The Outdoor Mix incorporates all the essentials of an utmost classy peaktime affair that will apply to the affective dynamics of crowds in larger numbers. Single lasting notes ensnaring micro-percussive patterns, haunted vocals creating somewhat of an emotive song-quality within the track- like arrangement, a break evidently bursting with tension and energy, in short: the maximum in effect, without compromising in style and attitude. The Indoor Mix on the other hand highlights rather tribal-esque rhythms and a more subtle and deep quality to the groove, tweaking it for ultimate club-duties. Following up is "Shiver", a tune that delves into deeper realms, introducing a filtered-in piano-motif that progresses into pure Acid bliss. Toolhouse splendour that surely will send shivers of joy down many spines. "Last" opens up yet another sound aesthetic, bringing heavy breaks and a bassline into play that at some point in Techno history would have been considered Knartz Comparative minds might even sense some tribute to Flatbeat within this mix. At least up until the point, elevating pads add a more romantic notion to the tune. Chris Manura then finally lays his hands and mind on that very "Last", translating it into a 4/4 scheme, referring to the original's bassline here and there, but in general teasing out a completely different temper that's built on sparkling synths, a straight groove, deep mentality and epic arrangement.

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