Album artwork for Dynamics

Dynamics Thinkfreak

Cat No: Soniculture Unlimited 009
Barcode: 880319607615
Soniculture Unlimited 009
Thinkfreakis on the forefront of a new generation of portuguese producers, and has been gaining more and more notoriety each and every day. His productions are essentially techno-based, fluctuating between a more physical approach, with strong rhythms, and a melodic approach, with more progressive and minimal influences. He has been showing his talent mostly on Soniculture, as a solo artist or together with Expander. He has also remixed Re:Axis, Nhar, Landberg & Jacobsonand Midimilizand has releases on other labels such as Monoclineand Mis. Here is Thinkfreak’snew EP in its full glory. Techno is explored in its various dimensions, with a dark touch on all tracks that are lead through strong basslines and wicked drum arrangements. Very effective synth programming makes everything even more powerful. This is with no doubt, Thinkfreak’sbiggest breakthrough in sound exploration, having achieved a new benchmark in his career. Rejoice! Techno lives!

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