Echoes Of Paradise Reworked (Schatrax RMX)

Release date: March 2, 2018
Cat No: LMDRMX016
Barcode: 880319928918
9,70 €
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LMD’s first ever collaboration EP “Echoes Of Paradise” by Shaun Soomro & Mikael Stavostrand get’s reworked. Legendary cult producer Josh Brent reworks “Street Code Symphony” in classic Schatrax esque style turning it into a beautiful timeless cut. It recalls his best works as Schatrax – sparse, jacking, lush and dreamy with a sense of mystery created by a master crafts man who set the blueprint for this sound. Shaun Soomro’s re-vision of Paradise Lost takes things in a completely different direction also, but in heavyweight Dub mode. Drawing it’s groove from a mesmerising sub bass, Shaun layers and recomposes from the first Violin recording session & plays in new string segments that blossom and develop the more you listen, creating a epic symphonic dub masterpiece. One for the late night Warrior’s! Both artists turn out exceptional reworks primed for those special dance floor moments. VINYL ONLY