Album artwork for Echomon / Lecanor

Echomon / Lecanor Mainro

Release date: November 28, 2019
Cat No: Family028
Barcode: 4250101413018
Digital Single
After its first label compilation last month Family NAME goes on with its 28th release. At the command, Mainro, Family NAME regular since the very beginning. Behind different monikers and associations he has been exploring a large spectrum of electronic music for 2009, focusing in the last year on its deepest and melodic side. Echomon is by the way an other another illustration of Mainro ease to associate melodic epics with sharpened production. With an heavy kick drum and lightly redesigning the melody, Milan based Pisetzky follows the path of the original and drops a solid relecture of Echomon. Then, completing the package, Lecanore sounds to be intended for becoming a flour filler weapon, run by its nervous lead and galloping drums. Enjoy, Family NAME

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