Album artwork for Echus Chasma EP

Echus Chasma EP Yan Cook



Release date: April 27, 2021
Cat No: Cooked008
Barcode: 4250101429897
11,20 €
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  • release
Yan Cook's own 'Cooked' series serves up its second instalment here and once again he is ready to fry your brain. 'Proximity' is a masterclass in getting a lot from a little - the simple hi hats, the grind bas, the heavy kicks - they all add up to a fearsome groove. Things get more warped on 'Echus Chasma', with its meandering bass trying to break free from the regimented drums, then 'Quicksand' gets back to straight up linear business with plenty of style. There is a high speed chase on during 'Mara,' where the drums and minimal synth lines try to outrun each other and leave you utterly transfixed.

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