Release date: May 19, 2014
Cat No: Holger 4
Barcode: 880319665110
9,20 €
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Philipp Weber is a musician living and working in Leipzig, Germany. His main focus when creating music is to capture the moment by using all kinds of instruments in a playful and intuitive way, experimenting with rhythms, sounds and melodies. His songs are ideas, emotions and thoughts that he tries to translate into music. »It's like speaking a language«, he says, »without knowing its grammar, still trying to find the right words.« Philipp is one half of the project Webermichelson – a two-piece band focused on merg- ing Kraut and experimental music through drums, synths and guitars. Webermichelson have been a core ingredient of the Holger universe from the very start, one of their live shows actually being the moment where it all began. With his first mini album Weber now joins the Holger family also as a solo artist.