Album artwork for El Camaron Remixes (ft. Ricardo Villalobos)

El Camaron Remixes (ft. Ricardo Villalobos) Matias Aguayo



Cat No: COMEME055
Barcode: 4250101443923
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“A Cómeme classic that was ahead of its time finds a new life in fresh mixes by Matias Aguayo and Ricardo Villalobos” In a surprising turn of events Cómeme reissues Matias Aguayo’s “El Camarón” from his album “The Visitor” (2013) in a new 12” extended club mix including a remix of none other than Ricardo Villalobos. The latter suggested to give this forgotten latin new beat gem a new life! He had recently rediscovered it, and added to his sets - including his own 12 minute fabulous remix, which is driven by a mesmerizing groove and pumpin sub bass frequencies. Aguayo then decided to also rework “El Camarón” with an extended soundsystem - friendly mix, that will move the feet of dance music lovers from all kind of biospheres! The lyrics tell the story of an old river shrimp that accidentally joins a boat party. The ball starts in the guaraní jungle to later continue along the ivory coast, featuring super colour range towels, buzzing mosquitos, monkeys, parrots, piranhas, mermaids, and more. The shrimp becomes the star of the night by introducing new ways of dancing that make every one go down, down, down, abajo, abajo, abajo…

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