Album artwork for Electronic Emergencies Reconstructed By I-Robots

Electronic Emergencies Reconstructed By I-Robots Various Artists

Barcode: 4250101436635
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Some smooth remix action going on here!! Italian DJ and producer Gianluca Pandullo a.k.a. I-Robots has chosen six of his favourite Electronic Emergencies tracks to reconstruct. The second part of a collaboration after a digital-only compilation of EE tracks by the founder of Opilec Music in 2020, the six rigorous reconstructions on this double 12-inch are long, luscious, and full of energy. Move Like Rays by Machinegewehr was injected with a high-energy vibe, while Das Ding's Want Need was transformed into an electro classic. Skeleton Head's queer anthem Beaten, Bloody, Bruised was given the percussion treatment, Danza Obscura by Borgie got an Italo Wave twist, and New Wave legends Chris Davis and M/A/N/O/S had their tracks worked over by dubby electro and minimal techno. Electronic Emergencies reconstructed by I-Robots consolidates the label's frontier electronic underground reputation.

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