Album artwork for Eleven/Jeff Milligan Mix

Eleven/Jeff Milligan Mix Dublee

Release date: January 17, 2005
Cat No: Mule Electronic 001
Barcode: 880319140716
Mule Electronic 001
11,20 €
Born in 1981. Being given a big impact to the music of Rage Against the Machine in his high school age, he started his band activity and music production with computer. In regards to the band activity, it was just a copy band, so he kept being devoted to the electronic music in order to pursue his music characteristic to a greater extent. And then his music production was made to start in earnest from 2000. He cut off all music information from outside, kept raising himself creativity. On 2002, making use of the technique of minimal dubbing, the activity as dublee was started in order that he promoted his creativity in his individual interpretation. The music of dublee, while leaving beat, has designated “feeling good sound” which attaches importance the space as the basis, and it kept obtaining support gradually. Then he participated to Arch-Project immediately. Focusing on local Nagoya he was active energetically lively, co acted with the many domestic and overseas splendid artists such as Monolake, richard devine, kit clayton, pole, kid606, arovane, andy vaz and karafuto etc. and he was high evaluated his music characteristic. In 2003 January, he offered music to the compilation album "Elektronische Musik Interkontinental 2" which released from superior label "TRAUM", the label “KOMPAKT” affiliation of Germany, which represents the minimal house. Furthermore, on September of the same year, he also participated to the compilation album "FORMA2.03" released from Progressive Form. Finally, his first Long-awaited full album “Echo Euphoria” is released from the label “mule electronic”, the label “mule musiq” affiliation and being active with its individual stance. release information
Träumerle Techno aus Japan. Sphärisch, komprimiert & gut. Eine Platte wie ein lauer Sommertag.

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