Album artwork for Elka EP

Elka EP Marc Romboy

Release date: April 24, 2020
Cat No: EYE011
Barcode: 4250101414909
9,70 €
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German veteran Marc Romboy is back on André Hommen’s ​These Eyes imprint with a stellar two track release entitled ​Elka, ​showcasing Marc’s effortless ability to portray alluring and emotive characteristics through music​. ​This offering follows up from ​Trapped In An Orbit​, which he released on the label in 2017 and remains a label highlight to this day.

The title track ​Elka provides a stirring and suspenseful journey that plays out as it’s melodies unfold over a bassline that pulses gently and impels the listener. ​Unreal Sun ​ups the energy with a groove thats ready to fall into and chords that lead the way, dictating the pace as their intensity undulates.

Marc Romboy has dedicated 30 years to the scene, with an impressive history of releases on labels like Innervisions and his own Systematic Recordings, collaborating with artists such as Stephan Bodzin. It is a point to be made that the A side to this release is one of Marc’s personal favourites to date and it is clear to see why.

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