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Emilia EP Microtrauma



Cat No: Traum V140
Barcode: 4250472400655
Digital Album
Traum V140
Microtrauma's second release with Traum shows them at their best... they have taken a break to write this timeless "mini album" for Traum. The release kicks off with "Circulate", a piece of epic melodic techno that works in a highly artistic fashion. A skilful composition with lots of musical changes and last but not least a breathtaking arrangement! Changing perspectives from melodic lush to forceful emotional outbreaks, its constant "up and down" makes this a rollercoaster of a track. And if you would want to use the word "circulate" itself, you may as well describe the track in its peak as an "centrifugal emotional force"! "Outcry" gives us a break... and yes we deserve it... contemplating more on the the beat side of things, this track unfolds a story of mighty big basslines, trippy beat programming and delays that sweep over their landscape. Melodic sounds are sparse and go as quick as they come providing the track with a matrix in your head. So the track keeps the clubby tool perspective with the exception of a break towards the end when the track dives into sounds that is very visual, could be a birds perspective of the grand canyon. This is a wonderful and powerful track that could end as a soundtrack for a Wim Wender movie. It is no surprise Max Cooper choose "Circulate" and reworked it in a played fashion rather then deconstructing it, because as he put it in his own words, the original is "perfect" as it is. Enjoy his flow of beats and drama evolving later in the track. In the fashion of super slack down tempo "trip hop" meets electronica, you would not have expected Microtrauma to have a talent also for this genre. Their „Emilia (Ambient mix)“ is super relaxed dope music for the summer outside... cool as cool can be. Welcome to the new artist duo Monoid from the Netherlands releasing their first piece of music for Traum. At times carrying the subtle energy of Minilogue the duo possesses the artistic talent to manipulate and write music with a true Traum flavour. Please take your time to dive into their epic „Circulate“ remix. The UK producer Morris Cowan has written a whole album for Traum Schallplatten's Zaubernuss label and has delivered several remixes... this is his latest one and again this is a track full of beauty and organic twists. He occupies a spot in the Traum world which lies between works of Philippe Cam and Nathan Fake.

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