Album artwork for Empathy/Blüthner

Empathy/Blüthner Marc Romboy

Release date: May 7, 2021
Cat No: SYST0130-6
Barcode: 4250101419447
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11,20 €
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More than one year after his EPs on Speicher and These Eyes Marc Romboy finally returns with a brand new release on his very own Systematic imprint. On the a-side Romboy presents us „Empathy“, a charming and groovy track with Romboy-alike deep warm bass figures and the sound of a rare and vintage „Blüthner” piano which improves that electronic and natural elements may fit together perfectly.

The flip side „Blüthner“ comes along like a trippy sound spiral between experimental piano sounds which are more like percussion effects and the constant arpeggiator sequence which floats through the punching beats. A very distinctive but typical Romboy two-tracker which sounds pretty much unheard!

And by the way, this vinyl release is the beginning of the return to the legendary classical Systematic graphic design.

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