Album artwork for Enter The Realm EP

Enter The Realm EP REES



Release date: July 16, 2021
Cat No: AEON053
Barcode: 4250101432224
Digital Single
After a well received Lost Tapes Vol. 4, that already contained one of his works, REESreturns with his debut EP „Enter The Realm“ on Berlin-based AEON.

Known as the owner of the eclectic ‚Paradiso’ label and releases on NEIN & Love Attack Records this long awaited EP will see the light on June 16h and will includes a remix from no one less than Curses. With this release the Uk-based DJ expresses a darker mood in his music that he felt the urge to showcase. The music holds a great deal of energy and a glimpse into the artist's mindset.

„Dutch Willow“ is a unique track to my discography,“ Adam says. And so it is to AEON's. Already supported on several live streams during the pandemic, this track and its bassline will be stuck in your head after a short listen; carefully marching and evolving throughout with a surprising second half turn.

With its gritty arpeggios, glitching machines and a surreal ambience, Enter The Realm-the title track is screaming energy from the heart of the night.

Berlin based, NYC Born Curses known for his releases on Jennifer Cardini's Dischi Autunno & Amsterdam’s Bordello A Parigi does an incredible take the original, injecting his deadly blend of New Wave and Post-Punk magic into into it.

The closing track of this EP is named after the search project for extraterrestrial life by radio wave pattern analysis“, REES describes. „Project Phoenix“ is a chuggy, extraterrestrial exploration of cosmic synths, retro-futurism and the world of Sci-Fi.

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