Album artwork for Eora

Eora Castratii

Release date: September 10, 2012
Cat No: Time No Place 005
Barcode: 880319573514
12,80 €
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Castratii are a paradox, a wonderful vision of a life that might have been, and still could be. Enveloping shrouds of ambient musical strands, woven together into a swinging bridge that hangs over a chasm of endless possibility.

Created and constructed from one Australian summer to the next, the creation of their debut long-player Eora persisted through the extremities of the Australian bush; heat, humidity, cold, and rain to create a singular document vast and mysterious as the landscape it was created for.

A lucid journey that takes place mostly through the darkness, the tension and foreboding atmospheres looming tie together Castratii's first long-player of witchy doom pop. Heavy one moment, channeling a drone and pulse into the concise framework of electronic pop of the more industrial persuasion, while at other times, it’s easy to get lost in their sustaining, enveloping ambient sprawl. Inspired by their remote surroundings and paralleling it to our own individual desolation caused by the internal dialogue within all of us, Eora aims to sonically and lyrically map this wilderness.

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