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EP Ion din Dorobanți

Release date: August 18, 2017
Cat No: Pingipung 56
Barcode: 880319870118
Pingipung 56
8,20 €
Ion din Dorobanți is one of the many monikers of the ubiquitous producer Ion Dumitrescu from Bucharest. His 7” single on Pingipung shows the oriental influences on bass music in his hometown. This release carries the Manele, Romanias wedding music which dominates contemporary pop styles since 30 years, towards new sonic realms. On the two tracks, he drag psychedelia and analog electro into the manele-sphere. The first one presents a radical afro-electro rework of Alex Puștiu’s “Mi-e Poftă de Tine Rău”. Ion din Dorobanți’s original production on the other side is a track pulsating on a 9/8 groove infested with synth nostalgia. All is spiced up by Nicu Chinezu’s on clarinet. Ion Dumitrescu is the co-initiator of the Future Nuggets label and its sub-label P-Balans. They are both based in Bucharest and run in heavy rotation at the Pingipung office and in our DJ sets. If he is not Ion din Dorobanți he appears as Australopitecus Oltensis or Utopus as a producer. Among his productions are the brilliant debut LP by Steaua de Mare, the first LP of the legendary band Rodion G.A together with Strut Records (London), the Raze de Soare EP and both volumes of "Sounds of the Unheard from Romania". These two summer anthems are part of the ongoing series of 7”-releases on Pingipung. Other singles recently came from Ya Tosiba, Sven Kacirek, Andi Otto or F.S. Blummbastic.

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