Album artwork for Esculturas Rupestres

Esculturas Rupestres Cass. & Niklas Wandt

Release date: June 4, 2021
Cat No: CNDMBLE007
Barcode: 4250101431692
15,90 €
  • 60ae78025c343
  • release
Niklas Wandt and Niklas Rehme-Schlüter (Cass.) are two multi-instrumentalists and genuine musical minds that work on the fringes of ambient, kraut, jazz and experimental electronics. Both were active in numerous projects as well as solo artists, before joining forces for this special recording to be released on candomblé. „Esculturas Rupestres“, Spanish for „Rock Sculptures“, delivers an enchanting collage of spoken word, ancient drumming, synth ambi(val)ence and free improvisation. N. Wandt serves you dada poetry and stoned drum grooves while N. R-Schlüter provides for the synthesized atmosphere present throughout this recording.

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