Album artwork for Esotica Erotica Psicotica

Esotica Erotica Psicotica Club Paradiso

Release date: April 26, 2019
Cat No: MGLP109 D
Barcode: 4250101405419
Sold Out
The Italian Duo Club Paradiso coming from diverse and ever-evolving music backgrounds, they started their collaborative project in 2016. Romagna, Adriatic Riviera, is what they call home and also the primal inspiration behind Club Paradiso. Their first album “Esotica Erotica Psicotica” is out on april 26th on Mondo Groove with Kompakt distribution, follow up to the acclaimed 2017 single Panoramica, and is a wonderful patchwork of colours. Opener Romagna Tropicale transports Riviera to a tropical island, Tuco mixes arpeggiating lines with a western harmonica and a distant spoken, Solo tu with the voice of Francesca Amati is a sensual, slo-mo synth-pop beauty, and Echoes a throbbing deep house number. The B-side opens with Flauto Cosmico, a killer Afro/Cosmic track with a folky flute, Okinawa has the voice of Niconote aka the legendary Nicoletta Magalotti of Violet Eves fame and it’s simply a memorable song with an eastern vibe in the music, La Rabbia Saudita, with a special Daniele Baldelli & Marco Dionigi featuring, is half part Arabic and half part funky, and the closing track, Mirage, is, yes, like a mirage. You can’t miss this.

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