Album artwork for Esperanza

Esperanza Pophop / Seba Campos

Release date: March 26, 2021
Cat No: 3000 Grad Special 011
Barcode: 4250101425424
Digital Single
3000 Grad Special 011
: Pophop and Seba Campos present the music for a road movie that has not been shot yet, but listen-ing to these two tracks makes us protagonists anyway. The powerful drone of the offbeat engine sends us cruising through the liquid light of an afternoon in a mediterranean, or maybe Latin American landscape. A dusty sign at the shoulder of the street reads Esperanza. The warm headwind carries the promise of freedom, possibility and high spirits. We shift up a gear and roar beyond the horizon, onto the high plain of Distancia. When the first stars begin to twinkle in the cloudless sky we arrive between the lights, ribbons and the friendly faces of a fiesta that is just about to get started.

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