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Label: Raster
Release date: June 25, 2012
Cat No: R-N 141
Barcode: 4260115991419
9,46 €
  • e9j5EDeG2FRC
  • release
Vladislav Delay's EP "espoo" features two new conceptual, rhythm-intense tracks. Whereas the groove of the opener "olari" derives from a sound loop which is manipulated by filters and echoes and finally brings forth the intensifying beat, the reverse is done with "kolari" on the B-side. Starting from an impulsive, staccato beat, a sound carpet is woven by means of modifiers which gradually shape a permanent vacation-like melody, close to terry riley's minimalistic concepts. Both tracks share a linear increase in density, and because of their break with the common four-four time, they create a certain folkloric atmosphere. Like with "vantaa", the experienced music producer Vladislav Delay continues his search for dance-floor compatible, yet unique and fresh music.

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