Album artwork for Esquisses – 20s

Esquisses – 20s Valérian Borzeix

Release date: November 20, 2020
Cat No: DIBACH35
Barcode: 4250101422775
Digital Album
»Esquisses – 20s« is the first release by 20-year old, Berlin-based French-German singer-songwriter and pianist Valérian Borzeix. Borzeix and Martin Hossbach met through mutual friends last year, it was Hossbach then who suggested recording a mini-album of piano-only recordings after seeing Borzeix improvise at home via the pianist’s Instagram stories. »Esquisses – 20s« is a selection of Borzeix’s favourite improvisations of the year 2020 (»Esquisses« meaning sketches in French) but also marking the start of his own twenties. Melancholy plays an important part while at the same time joy and happiness shine through the delicate music. For the young composer certain notes are directly linked to certain human characteristics, e.g. arrogance or empathy.

Borzeix started taking piano lessons at the age of seven and only stopped three years ago when he learned to improvise and play jazz music during a stay in Israel. Until this day he cannot read sheet music. He knows his music by heart (and that of other composers, too, not caring about a totally accurate reproduction). He cites Keith Jarrett as a main inspiration. For seven years Valérian Borzeix was a member of the children’s choir of Komische Oper.

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