Album artwork for Ex Machina EP

Ex Machina EP Petar Dundov & Marc Romboy

Release date: November 8, 2019
Cat No: SYST0125-6
Barcode: 4250101409219
8,97 €
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This is already EP number three of these two techno heavy weights from Zagreb and Germany, Petar Dundov and Marc Romboy.

After „Caper Tran“ and „Dimension D“ it´s time again for real techno music:

„Upiter“ shows us how musically the Croatian-German friendship team is able to create dark and deep tech tunes. The warm and catchy arpeggio combined with a shuffling 808 groove takes us to a journey of spacy and trippy speres.

„Ex machina“ is forward thinking techno music however with the spirit as it was made in the 90s when the machines were the masters of the music and ruled the structure of the song. The track surprises with unexpected turning points and moving sound synthesis.

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