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Exclusion Psychic Health

Release date: September 22, 2017
Cat No: Time No Place 027
Barcode: 880319875915
12,80 €
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If Psychic Health's self-titled debut album took the lessons the LA duo learned in the teeming clubs of Berlin and Melbourne, their latest LP, Exclusion, look inward, a document of the duo tunneling down the studio wormhole. As such, Exclusion is a remarkably dynamic effort, adeptly jumping between evocative ambience ("Jamaica 88," "Ryso") and equally expansive dance floor fair.

Examples of the latter, such as the album's obvious centerpiece and titular track, Exclusion, document Gabriel Mounsey and Devon Steffens’s harnessing modular beast technology for peak techno utility, finding a clear thoroughfare between the soaring strings of Derrick May's classic Transmat releases and Ostgut Ton's current EBM-inflected precision.

As you'd expect from Mounsey's background in film composition, Exclusion whirls with imagery. It's a Los Angeles album, but focuses on raw beauty of the city at night—the lights in the distance, and the desolate downtown streets where kickdrums often waft from disused warehouses. While their debut album opened notable doors for the group, landing distribution from Hard Wax and featuring in the Netflix series Sense8, Exclusion is an altogether masterful turn for Psychic Health, their complete studio immersion easing the listener into deeply hypnotic states.

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