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Fallen Angel

Label: Kompakt
Release date: November 1, 2010
Cat No: Kompakt 218
Barcode: 880319047015
7,99 €
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Includes high-quality Mp3 download
Kompakt welcomes an old friend and new face to our fold. Berlin based with Parisian tastes, Sebastien Bouchet is groomed to be our most charming producer for the coming year. A regular in the DJ scene for years now with releases for Freak n' Chic and Hypercolour, we bring him to our family with his first 12” single for us - “Fallen Angel”. Bouchet definitely finds face in the school of precise first class techno that brings to mind the music of Chloe if she had been driven mad by being awake at a club for 3 days straight. Point is proven with “Imbalance” - a jam that is certain to be those endless curtain closer in many a late-hour after party session. “Tempestuous” is not for the squeamish - the ramblings of a madman with the relentless bass drum thump controlling the wheel makes for simple but a brilliantly executed primer. “Fallen Angel” seeks melody and finds it - glistening with emotion and beauty he proclaims, “I'll call you” in a myriad of wholesome dementia.

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