Album artwork for Fantasia

Fantasia Between Sleeps

Release date: March 27, 2020
Cat No: AMOON001
Barcode: 3760300310427
Mini LP
14,90 €
  • 5e49ca500fa58
  • release
Between Sleeps is a french producer based in Paris, passionate about sound design and synthesizers. His stage name and musical world evoke the state of semi-consciousness, when neither awake nor asleep. With dreamy pads and strong rythms, his music mixes electronica, house and techno. Boards Of Canada, Lone or The Field are among his main influences. All the tracks included in the EP Fantasia have been composed with the same hardware set-up: a sampler, an FM synthesizer and a substractive analog synthesizer. Every track has been recorded in one stereo take.

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