Album artwork for Fatty Folders

Fatty Folders Roman Fluegel



Release date: September 12, 2011
Cat No: Dial LP 023
Barcode: 880319534430
Sold Out
Sold Out
After two outstanding 12inch releases on Dial Records Roman Flügel continues with Fatty Folders, a full-length album presenting a colourful selection of essential works. Also known as Eight Miles High, Soylent Green, Sensorama and Alter Ego- Roman Flügel always has been a main influence of the Dial Records family. Roman Flügel's unique and unexpected productions introduce us to an excitingly wide range of eclectisism, modernism and dandyism under a groove. Every single track is a magical journey it self the whole album a universe deep like the ocean. Here comes a true sound scientist who knows how to enchant the dancers, the connaisseurs, the lovers.

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