Fee Fi Foe Funk For Me (incl. Damiano von Erckert & Prosumer Remix) Murat Tepeli

Release date: March 18, 2013
Cat No: Ava.005
Barcode: 880319625718
Sold Out
Murat Tepeli and ava. celebrate the long awaited single debut of Murat Tepeli on ava. with  “FEE FI FOE FUNK FOR ME EP”. At the same time it`s the return of a very well-known duo: Murat Tepeli & Prosumer. After Damiano von Erckerts & Tito Wuns very successful ava.LP001 “Mr. Pink, what have you been smokin?“, this release makes another clear statement, how much freshness and undiscovered space there is in House music. A space, which Murat Tepeli and the remix-artists Damiano von Erckert und Prosumer are surely filling with their exceptional tracks.

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